dotScale 2017 - In this dotScale talk, I discussed about how effiective incident response process helps to reduce chaos. A sizeable portion of this talk was based on my personal experience of going "on call" at my employers.
   Full Stack Fest 2017 - In this talk, I discussed about how an effiective incident response process helps deal with the problems that arise due to the failures of complex systems.
   Papers We Love San Francisco - June 2017 - I have a short talk at Papers We Love San Francisco about Cuckoo Filters and how it was faster than traditional Bloom filters.
   Code BEAM Stockholm - May 2018 - I gave a short talk about how my team at work built an SLO tracker that used OTP's ETS store along with Apache Kafka for tracking throughput.
   QCon NY - June 2018 - I spoke about how Elixir supports modeling realtime events and gave a short demo based on the Boids simulation.
   SRECon EMEA 2018 - I gave this talk to deep dive into a case study of a library that my then employer had developed and retired and how the system accumulated dark debt.
   ElixirConf 2018 - In this talk, I spoke about how my team worked on building a SLO tracker that leveraged OTP's ETS along with Apache Kafka and used ideas from event sourcing in develop a more robust system.
   O'reilly Velocity New York 2018 - In this talk, by means of a case study I showed how certain organizational patterns could lead to dark debt. I also shed some light on how software teams can work effectively in reducing it.