Projects and Open source contributions

   Various other open source projects - (2011-present) - Over the years, I have contributed to several open source projects including the Caddy HTTP Server, KDE's download manager KGet, and the toolchain involved in hosting Go programming language's documentation (
   Lekhanee - (2017) - Lekhanee is an open source Nepali Keyboard for Android. It was developed by a team volunteering for Code for Nepalr as a part of the Akshar Project. I worked in adding dictionary support and Nepali language specific features to it.
   GoHort - (2015) - GoHort was a URL shorterner built in Go. It used Redis to store the shortened URLs.
   Pricemash - (2013) - I built Pricemash as an effiecient way of comparing prices between different online retailers. On the server end, tt ran on a JVM based backend. The mobile apps were built natively for iOS and Android.
   English Nepali translation module in Apertium - (2012) - Apertium is an open source machine translation toolkit that provides the basis for building rule based machine translation between language pairs. I did the groundwork required to have an English to Nepali langauge translation support in Apertium. This invovled building a part of speech (PoS) tagger for Nepali, which at its time was the first fully open source PoS tagger for Nepali.